Photo0184so here are a few of my bits and pieces i love my cupcake hat and scarf I used Twinky chan’s pattern from her book “Yummy you” and took great pleasure wearing it to slimming world lol. t seems you can have cake and loose weight :-D.Kathy's bagA good friend of mine over in the U.S.A sent me one of her beautiful ruffle totes so I wanted to return the favour since I love aran but can’t knitt I was chuffed as a bunny when I found this crochet version. You should check out her facebook page Kathy’s Krochet Nook.blankieThis started out as a play rug for my daughter but i found myself getting carried away it ended up being big enough to cover a double bed and is the first thing that people in the McRandom household want when they feel poorly.

I have many more pictures I can upload but I didnt want to bore anyone………..that’s if anyone is looking at this if not I guess I am talking to myself something I do far too often lol :-Dx


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    1. rainbowgoat83 Post author

      It is a little tricky at first and using a slightly smaller hook than normal for the yarn does help somewhat but if you can do front post trebles(double crochet U.S) bobble stitch and popcorns then once you get into the pattern it is quite easy :-)x


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