Hello internet land

Right well in September I was told how to make this blog thingy and I thought “well really what is the point I don’t have anything that interesting to say to the world and who would want to read my ramblings any way”,but since it is the new year I figured I would try something new. I cant remember how to put pictures on here but I’m sure given time I will figure it all out. I have been inspired by so many people in internet land that give us all a glimpse into their everyday life and crafty endeavours and while I don’t feel that my “creations” are anything new or exciting or particularly fantastic I think that putting myself out there (so to speak) will spur me on to complete things I start not to just say “I will come back to this in a bit” I have a bad habit for seeing several things I want to make all at one time when I know I am a one project at a time kind of girl really. Any who enough of my rambling I shall try to figure out how to get pictures up of some things I have done then you (who ever you maybe hello by the way) can judge for yourself if I am worth following or not lol :-)x


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