wet and miserable but happy :-)

Well here in the north west we are having a day of liquid sunshine (trying to be cheery lol). My little girl is running riot as per usual making us all kinds of interesting things in her kitchen, the other half is playing fifa on his x-box so this means I can get on with my ripple blanket guilt free,well apart from I can hear washing and dishes calling to me from the kitchen but my hook is calling me too. I guess I should get the dishes done and put the washing out to dry but I have just done the first colour change of my blanket and it needs another couple of rows so I can see the full effect. I’m using a dark teal-ish green and a deep heather colour aran acrylic wool,a complete bargin at 800g for £10 in my local market, then once the main body is done (or I run out of the colours I have) I am planning on getting a lighter colour to work a boarder onto it. I started with a foundation chain of 251(I think) then (uk) dc into the 2nd chain from the hook and each of the next 8 then 3dc in the 10th, 1dc in the next 9 then skip 2ch, 1dc in the next 9 then 3dc in the 10th and so on till the end 1ch turn skip the 1st dc then in the back loops only  9dc, 3 in the 10th 9dc skip 2 all the way across leaving the last stitch un-worked. It is a simple repetitive pattern that I am enjoying at the moment just hope I can keep the motivation up. I will try to get a picture of my progress to put on once the colour change shows up better and we preferably get some light around here lol :-)x


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