knee pain and hooking

Photo0185I was asked to make this for a friends granddaughter to wear to a wedding it was the first time I made clothing 🙂

So part of this new year thing is I am determined to get a smaller ass the one I have currently is on the verge of it’s own post code! I am trying a mix of eating healthy which isn’t too far from the norm meal wise, since I had started slimming world a while ago my meals changed radically and I have never looked back since, my downfall is picking and eating stuff I shouldn’t or when I shouldn’t snacking is my weakness. That and not being as active as I should be don’t get me wrong I walk a fair amount and I look after my kids and house but as for exercise I have a wii fit board and when I first got it I was on it every day without fail then it tailed off and eventually stopped completely. Now I’m back on it and plan on sticking to it I have an old knee injury which does not seem to like me doing the fun things on the wii I do 40 mins a day and then have to sit while my knee throbs and swells but hey ho I’m sure my bum is shrinking lol. At least I can sit and work on my ripple blanket without too much guilt tho and the other half has said he will cook tonight and do the dishes too bonus or what eh?! 😀 Any way I thought I would share my progress on the ripple blanket I am just starting row 20 and when I get to the end its colour change time again.ripple blanket

I had this wool for ages I loved the colours and knew I wanted to use them together but no matter what pattern I tried it never looked quite right I think it was destined to be a ripple blanket 🙂 I’m loving how they look together.

I thought I would share a few other pictures of what I get up to just for a bit of colour and excitement in my blog lol.

set1Still need to find a home for this and many other items I seem to collect them all lol.9298_4419813569806_665390119_nthese are my first attempt at making handles for my hooks with fimo still have to finish the set but I do like the way they feel.kawaii                                           My niece turned 17 in November and instead of giving her a normal card I decided to draw something for her and fame it she seemed quite happy with it so I was happy too 🙂

Well I think I have probably rambled on enough for one day hope all is well with you :-)x


6 thoughts on “knee pain and hooking

    1. rainbowgoat83 Post author

      That set is currently sat in a case under my coffee table lol. I made several things up for a craft fair-ish thing over a year ago and nothing sold apart from the poppies I made so I have loads of things just sat with no homes sad but true lol :-)x


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