procrastination station!

I got to go wool shopping but probably shouldnt have lol. The ripple blanket is having a re-model later once I have wrote this and finished winding up my new balls of wool. I got a new 400g ball of aran in a blue colour that tones in with the purple and green of the “manket” as it is now known, since the other half has more or less made it clear he would quite like it. I also got a 100g ball of wendy happy 4ply in Mercury which has green. cream, pink and plum bits through it I am hoping to turn this into some crochet socks, and I got a 100 ball of wendy roam fusion in dale it has a rainbow or colours twisted together in all kinds of ways it is beautiful I cant wait to figure out what I’m going to do with it.I have a bad habit of buying wool,buttons and fabric without knowing exactly what I want to do with it hence why I have far too many balls of wool I love and 317 patterns I would like to make. While trying to get through my stash I also want to keep up with my drawing and stuff so I don’t lose all the work I had put into improving my drawing skills over the years. Plus keeping up with the housework,shopping,cooking,school runs and oh yeah the small matter of trying to sort out moving house. So all is nice and quiet and simple in my life right now still at least it isn’t boring lol :-)x

sophie dino


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