Well the past couple of days have been quite mad. Me and the other half went on a bit of a trip on Tuesday to look at houses as we ant to move. I say move it’s kind of more a complete relocation for any of you that know the U.K we currently live near a small seaside town called Blackpool but we want to move to near Manchester.It isn’t a huge move from one end of the country to the other but with two small monsters 8 stringed instruments (the other half is a musician and has 4 guitars and a ukulele, little dude has a guitar and little miss has a ukulele too so surrounded buy them I got a guitar too lol) normal household things a mini branch of toys’r’us and hobby craft combined it isn’t going to be easy. Luckily we have several family members at both ends willing to help us and a friend that is very enthusiastic for van driving. Phase one went well we viewed house’s and settled on one that ticks the boxes so we have applied and are now waiting for the go ahead fingers crossed (and anything else that can be crossed for luck too lol). We really want to get moved the kids drive us mad sharing a room with constant up and down and messing. Plus at the moment we live in what I affectionately call “God’s waiting room”. There are no job prospects for us growned ups nor for the kids when they get bigger. It would also be nice to walk around a town and see people under 60 walking around too. Don’t get me wrong it is a nice quiet place and perfect for a bit of a holiday if you want it quiet and chilled or if you are of a certain age but as a family it just is no longer a good place to be. So I shall just have to make as much progress as I can with the ripple blanket while I can and maybe make some little bits in between. I made a little cosy for my Ipod the other day and I also want to make some bunting for when little miss has her own room I’m thinking of alternating granny triangles with granny hearts :-)x


4 thoughts on “madness

  1. TangledlLama

    OMG how many guitars do you guys have?! Lol! Huge amounts of luck to you with this, I think moving from Blackpool to Manchester is a huge distance! Manchester is really cool though and I’m sure your little ones will appreciate their own rooms!!

    1. rainbowgoat83 Post author

      Thanks for the good luck wishes I’m hoping it could lead to a crafty kind of career of some sort the town we are moving to has a street called fleece street and there are no wool shops locally I see a gap in the market there lol.I will be keeping up to date on here so people will know how it all pans out for us :-)x

    1. rainbowgoat83 Post author

      Yeah we are in Cleveleys it is true what they say it’s a small world lol. For example I live just further down the street from the house I lived in as a child. Hoping we won’t be here for too much longer, though I will miss having Fleetwood market and the wool shop in Poulton lol :-)x


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