ahhh saturday

Well after the busy week of trains and house hunting, both us growned ups have the dreaded lurgy. Sniffling sneezing and taking it in turns with the big crochet blanket. I am now onto the first repeat of colours on the ripple blanket, which last night I worked out needs to be about 180 rows plus edging,  and since I have done my cleaning and washing is on the go I think it would be rude not to continue with the crochet. Tho I do want to do some drawing I also need to stay away from pintrest, ravelry and all other websites that make me procrastinate. I do wish I had enough arms to crochet and draw at the same time,and now I have just thought of something else I want to make why when I am doing a big project does my brain decide to come up with loads of things I want to make argghhhh lol :-)x


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