Ideas..sooooo many ideas!!!!

So as I have been making my ripple blanket (currently on row 37 of 180 had visitors today couldn’t count and be anti social) I have come up with loads of things I want to make. I have been asked by a friend to make a baby shawl she has bought the wool and pattern and needs it for August, should be lots of time for that after blanket is finished….I hope. Anyway after doing a few rows I find I need a little change the other night it was an Ipod cosy and last night for no particular reason it was a cover for a very ordinary biro lol. It is lovely and soft and it is now a joy to hold and this got my brain thinking of other stationary items that would either feel nicer to work with or look cuter with a crochet cosy :-). This is going to be my new in between rows of big thing project. Since we are hoping to be moving house soon it will give me a good chance to go through my stash and hopefully use it up. I cant get out of my head the idea of starting up my own business won’t leave my head. I really hope it is something I can try to do at some point and in the area I am hoping to do it I would be a one of a kind place. I just have no idea where or how to begin but hey I had no idea what I was doing the first time I picked up a hook and now it is like an extension of me :-)x 


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