Oh dear :-/

Well it seems the wall has landed I haven’t picked up the ripple blanket for a few days this is not good. It is odd since once I pick it up and start working on it I am happy to be doing it but the initial picking it up seems to be my hurdle. I need to get motivated with it and get it done 37 rows is not a blanket for anyone it certainly is not a “manket”. In other news we are still waiting for the lovely lovely agent to get back to us about the house we applied for, it is driving us slowly insane but still hoping that a “no” would of been quicker to come to. I have my first appointment tomorrow about my knee it has only  taken me about 8 years to finally see about getting it fixed but I have finally got fed up of the floaty bits in it not to mention the clicking, creaking, giving way and pain lol. Fingers crossed they will be able to do something for me :-)xImageImageImage

Just thought I would throw in some random pictures so it isn’t too boring around here lol :-)x


2 thoughts on “Oh dear :-/

  1. Anny

    What a pleasure to meet another mad woman in Blogland!
    I am in awe of your crocheting – I had a great grandmother (I don’t remember her – I think she died before I was born), who made the most amazing Christening shawl which still exists, 70ish years later (although sadly after I machine washed it, it’s only about a third its original size. I know what you mean about the wall – I have this with my projects sometimes too. Just go and grab it and do half an hour – it’s always the thinking about it that puts you off, just do it and you’ll be fine.

    1. rainbowgoat83 Post author

      You would think after 19 years on n off of being a hooker I would be good at coping with the wall but I think I shall have to take your advice once I sort out some washing I am going to pick up my hook and ripple lol. I really want to get it done cause it is looking lovely at the mo but still just a glorified scarf lol :-)x


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