Well I had my first appointment with the physiotherapist yesterday and Oh My Good Fuzzy Llama’s I am in pain and that was only the initial assessment. It turns out that she isn’t sure if my knee problem is caused by a hip problem, my damaged ankles or the damage in my back from a botched epidural :-(. I’m sure she will have fun figuring it out but I might not have quite so much fun. On the plus side the pain has meant I haven’t felt too guilty sitting under the crochet hexagon while getting a few rows of the “manket” done I am nearly at 50 rows I think I might be slowly breaking through the wall but I don’t want to speak too soon lol. I find taking little breaks here and there is helping get through it just got to make sure they are not too long. It is taking me about 12 mins per row so should only be about another 27 hours work for the main blanket plus got to do the edging so maybe 30 hours in total if i work my fingers off i should get it done this week just need to stop procrastinating. Tomorrow is the food shopping day but may possibly nip to get some yarn for the boarder for the “manket”will just have to see if I can. Well I guess I best get back to it it won’t make it’s self lol. I will try to get a picture of my progress up soon :-)x


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