The lergy has landed

As you can tell from the title poorlyness has descended both my son and myself are ill with i dont know what exactly he has a temperature n a poorly tummy i have the headache from hell and a nasty sicky feeling blergh 😦 But as I am a mummy I do not have time to be ill there are dishes to be done and uniform to get washed not to mention food to be cooked but hey ho once the kids go to bed I can snuggle under the  hexagon and continue on with the “manket” which is now going on to row 63(hurray for progress lol). I have had my orders from the kids they both want blankets just for them so once this one is done im thinking a granny stripe for my daughter and then I need to find one I like for my son plus we are moving,we didn’t get the house we wanted but we are moving into the mother in laws to make it easier to find a place down there,so busy times ahead but exciting. I still really like the idea of having my own yarny business down there and once we are settled I think I will explore it further. I am also thinking of opening an etsy shop just to see how it goes. We had a rare time yesterday since little dude wasn’t feeling well my mum watched the kids as we needed to buy them both new pants,they have this really annoying habit of growing, and little dude needed new trainers too. So off we went into town managed to get what we needed for the kids plus the other half got a new(to him) game a jacket and a t-shirt and I got some jeggins, a top. a foundation brush and a lipstick. We also went to see Django unchained I don’t normally enjoy that sort of film and only agreed to go for the other half but apart from some extremely violent bits that made me feel bad it was a good film,I couldn’t feel my bum after nearly 3hours but a walk home in the cold fixed that lol.manket row62

The “manket so far :-)x


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