Woo hoo :-)

Well I have reached the half way point on the ripple “manket” I have 81 rows down so 79 to go so technically I guess I am over half way but since I also have an edging of some sort to do on it in charcoal I guess you could argue I’m not half way. Hmmm ok then lets say I am half way done with the main body of it that should be pretty accurate lol. I am having problems thinking of what edging  to do obviously since it is for the other half I don’t want frilly frou frou edging but I’m not sure if I want to do just some rows of dc(sc for American’s I’m bi-lingual in crochet lol) or if I want a little hint of fancy.Also I am not sure if I should build up the stitches to fill in the valleys in the ripple or if I should keep them any advice is greatly appreciated as this is the first ripple I have made. As well as the over half way rippley-ness I have also managed to get some of the house packing sorted out, found some bits I had forgotten about and also made a start on figuring out what crafty bits will be coming to the mother-in-laws with me and what will be getting stored scary thought being separated from some of my stuff but got to think of the greater good lol. Tomorrow I shall be tackling my corner the bulk of my yarn is here plus lots of other things,to be honest I’m not even sure what is here now yup it has got to that point oopps! I am also chuffed to bits that 20 people now follow my ramblings hello to you all and thanks for taking an interest in what I have to say it is lovely knowing I am not just talking to myself via the computer as a change to just talking to myself in person lol 😀 x


2 thoughts on “Woo hoo :-)

    1. rainbowgoat83 Post author

      Thanks my problem with edging is finding one to suit the project I am working on also trying to figure out what to do at the corners it’s a pain in the bum lol :-)x


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