weekend wonderful weekend

I am so glad it is finally weekend I am shattered! We have been trying to prepare for moving house as you can imagine this means lots of going through stuff and lugging things around and doing something I find extremely hard getting rid of things. Hello my name is Kelly and I am a hoarder lol gosh it felt good to finally get that off my chest. I have in the past 3 days thrown out over 10 bin bags of useless things broken/run out pens and pencils, tiny bits of yarn that wouldnt even be enough to sew on a button,thingamies whojamies whatsis and all sorts of random rubbish that no one would want or could possibly use. It is something I have always had a problem with since I was little I could always think of a use for that thingy or whatsit that no-one wanted to keep. I now realise for every project I manage to make work with something old and battered there are several things sat in my cupboards or on a shelf messing up the place that I wont or cant use/save and I need to be more selective. It is not healthy for me to keep so much stuff it attracts dust,not good for an asthmatic,and spiders,not good for an arachnophobic, and it doesn’t help with feeling down or overwhelmed by things so I am going to make a huge effort to not hold onto things I don’t need or won’t use just because I think “yeah but……”. When we move and we have got organised and settled I am going to try to use up things I have before I get new stuff unless it is for a particular project, and before I buy something I will ask myself “are you really going to use it”.

That being said I will have to buy more yarn soon-ish for the little dude has requested a new blanket as has the little princess and then once they are done I am going to make a little something for me since that will take me until about march no doubt lol. I am nearly at 100 rows of the ripple I am trying to do 2 hours a night on it I want it finished because I can see how great it will look when it is done might get more than 2 hours tonight fingers crossed,or maybe not crossed fingers since i can’t crochet like that lol :- )x


5 thoughts on “weekend wonderful weekend

  1. Anny

    We’re all hoarders in this house too – you can imagine the house groaning under the weight. Good luck with your de-cluttering – who knows, I might have a little tidy out myself one of the days, if the snow actually ever goes. Sounds like the blanket is coming on well – let’s see it when you’re ready.

    1. rainbowgoat83 Post author

      I put a picture up on one of my previous posts I think still need to take a better one of where I am up to now the lighting is proving to be a pain in the bum lol. As for the hoarding it is a problem I really need to get a hold f or I will turn into one of the people on T.V that has to go through an obstacle course just to go pee lol :-)x

  2. dipsydoodled

    Sympathize with you on the clutter! And doesn’t it seem like every time you throw something out then the next week you are looking for it? I am in awe of the size of your blanket!

    1. rainbowgoat83 Post author

      That is part of my problem with throwing things out i convince myself i will need it in the future so it stays in a bag in the cave under the stairs n i never get it out till the next time i venture into it its silly really lol. as for the blanket im annoyed with myself as i procrastinated too much at the beginning im on day 26 of it n i should of been much further along if not finished by now (not impatient at all lol) :-)x

  3. Karen

    I’ve been trying the de-cluttering also. We downsized our living space and when I want to crochet or knit or anything crafty – it takes me time to set up and time to put away. Really puts a hold on the creative process sometimes. Good luck to all trying to de-clutter this year.


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