the end is nigh……ish!

The wool has spoken after doing what I thought was the penultimate block of 10 green rows last night I quickly realised I would not have enough left to do another 10 so as it stands the main body of the ripple “manket” will be 150 rows. I am just about to start row 135 so 16 rows of the main body left then if I don’t think it is big enough I will make up a few rows with the charcoal on both ends before I do the edging, which I am still undecided about . I need something simple but I still don’t know if just dc’s(sc’s) is too simple guess I will just have to figure it out when I get there. I also made a little exciting purchase on Friday evening. I had been trying to find somewhere to buy Lily sugar and cream in the U.K for a while now or at least somewhere that would ship to here with no luck even from the manufacturers website :-(, but on Friday I discovered the wonder that is Herrschners. They ship to the U.K an the prices are great,well to me anyway, I got 10 lovely balls of sugar and cream for just over £20 including the postage. The only downside is waiting for it to arrive 7-21 days I think the website said but hey it will be worth it when it gets here. I now need to find myself a clippy bag and purse fame so I can make something beautiful for me when I have finished the “manket” plus little dude wants a union flag blanket ,I have never worked with a graph pattern so that should be fun, and my little princess wants a blanket too luckily because she is 2 ” you make it my purple blanket” is her only request :-). Hopefully there will be a picture of the completed “manket” in the next few days for those that want to see it 😀 x


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