More mad hooking

So after finishing the “manket” on friday night I did a little looking on line and in my book of squares and found out that though there are lots of other squares that I want to use ,maybe to make a blanket for the other half n me to have on our bed or for on the sofa, I still love the simplicity of the Granny square. It was the first thing my Mum showed me how to make at the age of 10 after I had mastered chain. Looking back I remember how much I hated working on them so boring, so samey, my tension was all wrong so every stitch was a painful fight between me, my hands and the poor tools that were in my inexperienced hands, every corner was torture too many stitches to fit in such a small place, every round seemed to take forever to finish. Now I take great pleasure in the simple easy to make up squares pretty and repetitive no need to think just loose yourself in the happy mix of clusters and chains relaxation at it’s best and simplest. So any how getting away from the love affair with the Granny square (ooo look I’m a poet lol). What I was originally trying to say was that I  started on the little princess’s blanket on Saturday afternoon. After a little maths I figured out I would need somewhere around 70 6″ squares, plus joining and edging, to make a generous single bed sized blanket. I might need more I might need less I’m not 100% yet but by the time I went to bed on Saturday night I had 70 centres made. I now have  2 full squares, made so I could check I liked the colour combinations, 45 squares that are 6 rows and 25 squares that need the last 2 coloured rows on them then edging in white and joining. I don’t think I have made bad progress since I have also been doing household things, still getting over the dreaded lurgy and now on top of it I have the joy of aches thanks to physio for my neck and knee but at least while I feel icky I can still work on my squares. I am going to try to get some washing on the go and try to do a little tidying :-)x


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