It’s amazing what can be done in a week .

Last Saturday afternoon I started making squares for another blanket. Last night I finished said blanket :-D. I had originally wanted to make it 7 squares across by 10 down but once again the wooly gods said “nope” and I ran out of the pink with 7 squares left to edge. So the blanket is 6 across by 9 down. I spent hours joining them and edging them but it was so worth it when the little princess saw it this morning. She climbed up on our bed where I had laid it out to get a picture and began jumping up and down.  I said “what are you doing on Mummy’s blanket” to which she replied “No it’s not a Mummy banky it a Sophie blanky. You finish it a me it go on my bed>” I take this and the fact that she brought it downstairs with her as a sign she likes it this makes me happy :-). Image

So here it is the finished blanket a weeks worth of granny squares that hopefully will bring years of smiles :-). Now I am left wondering what to do next, I cant start my son’s blanket as I need to buy yarn for it and I can’t start my purse or bag since my yarn hasn’t arrived yet :-(. I am torn between making some bunting or doing some drawing’s ,maybe to use on some cards or as pictures for the little people. The other thing I really want to try to do is make my own sketchbook I have a large pad that got water damaged on one corner and I have seen some tutorials on youtube on various ways to make sketchbooks so I’m thinking of trying my hand at coptic binding so I can make use of the paper that isn’t water damaged. Good quality paper is not cheap so I want to make the most of it :-)x


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