So it is nearly a week since I finished my daughters blanket. I have done pretty much nothing hooky all week. I have dabbled a little with trying to come up with some interesting and pretty ideas to cover a book that I’m trying to make, I have never tried book binding and youtube videos make me think I can do anything lol, I have the paper all cut and folded I have the front and back covers covered with some paper but I want to pretty them up with woolyness. I still need to attach the pages and covers together so I will probably have to spend some time re-watching the coptic binding video’s. I also have the urge to make an owl of some sort I love owls  and have seen so many wooly ones lately that I feel the need to make a friend for my previous owl creation “oswald” he was a make it up as you go off the top of my head creation because I wanted to make a friend for “wendolin” she is a beautiful cushion owl that my other half got me for valentine’s day 2 years ago. Oh and we are moving next Saturday I am scared and excited but slightly worried that my yarn order still has not arrived 😦 .


2 thoughts on “Hmmmmm

  1. Anny

    I find that sometimes lots of vague ideas rush around together in my mind and it’s usually when I’m doing something totally mundane, like ironing, that I finally ‘know’ what I’m going to do next. Good luck with the move – how exciting!


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