New yarny goodness woop woop!

Ok so as you can probably tell finally my new yarn from the U.S.A arrived. On monday there was a knock on the door and the postman handed the other half a slip of paper saying I had to pay another £11.18 for my yarn at the sorting office ( I didn’t know there would be extra charges but still worth it). I was handed a box with 11 lovely balls of lily sugar and cream (I got grape, sunshine, warm brown, hot green, robins egg, hot orange, mod blue, mod green, mod pink, hot pink, and hot purple in case you were wondering ). Image

“So why only 8 balls in the picture” I hear you say (well I hope it’s you I can hear other wise my brain is acting up lol).

I could not wait to start a new project with this I had already waited 3 long weeks for it to get here so on Monday evening once the monsters were in bed I started work on my new bag. It is very simple dc’s(U.K) sc’s(U.S.A) worked in a long strip until it was wide enough for what I wanted then i worked into both ends to decrease it enough to fit in the frame I had bought, I bought a bag from a charity shop just so I could get the frame help charity get new bag happy me :-),then  just to finish it off I went round the whole thing with a row of dc/sc’s to finish it neatly. Then I just crocheted the edges together that needed to be joined. All the crochet work took about 3 hours in total then this evening I set about getting it in the frame. I used a hot glue gun and the blunt end of a small crochet hook to push the bag into the frame. I want to use some pliers with material over the fame to squeeze it tight just for added security and I am currently working on a matching purse to go with it but for now here is a picture of my very funky ,in my opinion, new bag :-)x Image


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