I’m back did ya miss me :-)

Firstly sorry for being away so long moving house is a lot harder than I thought. I figured it would be get some stuff put it in boxes get other stuff and chuck it out (yeah I realize now how silly it sounds). After throwing out no less than about 40 bin bags of stuff I decided no longer needed and packing up the stuff we needed to be stored, moving day finally arrived and I still felt no where near ready. Various stuff was pilled into the van and a friends car we set off. I would like to say that was it all moved out but oh no it wasn’t we went back the following day and moved more stuff and then for the next 2 weekends also. It was a modest sized 2 bedroomed house and the stuff from it is not only with us in my mother-in-laws but also in my partners step-fathers house and also in my Mum’s. I do not know how it all fit into the old place or how it will fit into our new place when we have one but somehow we will manage it lol. We have settled in well here the little dude finally started at his new school on Tuesday thanks to being messed around by education authorities but he seems to like it so the fact that I walk 6 miles a day to get him there and back really doesn’t matter to me.

As for crochet I have had chance to do a couple of bits I made a rainbow cushion cover with my sugar and cream yarn. Image

It is really comfortable to snuggle up with and the colours make me smile, I got the idea for the colour changes from Attic24. I loved the way it worked on one of the ripple blankets and I really like the way it has worked on my cushion too.

The other project I have done is one I have been wanting to do for ages. My little princess has found a love for being a witch and casting spells so it only seemed right that Mummy should make her a wand. I used an un-sharpened pencil and covered it with a crochet tube of sock yarn then made a big pink stuffed star, stitched that on securely then added ribbons and buttons and sat back while we we’re turned into frogs,cats,pigs,lions,bears,horses and mice lol It is safe to say she likes it as I got huge hugs and kisses and repeated “oh thank you Mummy”. Image


Any way enough of my babbling for now at least. Hopefully it wont be so long till I next have something to post :-)x


4 thoughts on “I’m back did ya miss me :-)

  1. wolfennacht

    I love the rainbow cover! I like the fact that there is the smaller stripe of color before the main strip; it’s a bit different from the usual rainbow stripes.


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