Feeling grim :-(

Don’t sit too close to the screen as you read this 3 of the adults and one of the kids in the house have the lurgy…….again. I am trying not to cough or sneeze in the direction of the computer so I shouldn’t pass any germs on to you all well hopefully not any way. Not much has been happening round these parts, some snow, lots of cold, a family party and my son turning into a complete monster. I haven’t done any crochet since I finished the wand but I have been doing some drawing. Ideas are coming slow but steady and working on each picture is taking time so I can tweak them into something I am happy with but I am getting there. I am hoping to possibly use them on cards perhaps who knows I guess the main thing is I am enjoying drawing. Image

This one was drawn in my brown sketch book and coloured in a mix of pastel pencils and pencil crayon. I liked it so I decided to draw it on bristol board and colour it with copic markers. Image

Also I have been nominated for a  Liebster Award so as soon as I am feeling a little more like a human I will get onto figuring out how to accept the nomination 🙂 xx


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