Ectopic pregnancy

  • Hi all a little about me I’m a 31 year old mum of 2 and in the past month I have gone through something I would not wish on my worst enemy. My partner and I had been trying for number 3, mother nature appeared on schedule 12/03/15 or so I thought. Well the bleeding continued for 2 days then vanished then came back and continued for weeks. On the 30/03/15 I took a pregnancy test and was surprised to see a positive given that I was still bleeding, this was the start of the roller coaster. I arranged an appointment to see the doctor knowing that what ever was happening was not right, I was blessed with 2 very easy pregnancies, after a bit of a struggle I was able to see her and she arranged an early pregnancy scan for the next day. Off we went to the local hospital, now early pregnancy scans are not the most dignified of things sometimes they can see all they need to with the “jelly on the belly” device ,you need a full bladder for this so pray they are running on time, other times depending on how early you are or if they are having a very thorough look they use “the magic wand” , this one requires an empty bladder and they may well ask for a sample as well, they place a wedge shaped cushion on the bed and you are asked to strip from the waist down and place your bottom on the cushion so your bottom is in the air. The “magic wand” is not too uncomfortable much the same as a smear test and probably has the same level of embarrassment. Well after a good look around  the ultrasound nurse said she could not see a pregnancy but it could be too early to see anything. They confirmed with a dip test that I was pregnant and took bloods to check my hcg level (the hormone that is present in pregnancy). I got a call the next day to say I needed to have repeat bloods on 03/04/15 as my levels were over 2500 which means they would expect to see something. In a normal pregnancy the beta hcg levels are expected to double every 48 hours so if all was well with me we were expecting to get to just over 5000 instead I made it to around 2650, got asked to go back the next day and was seen by a consultant who informed me that I was not having a normal pregnancy and there was a good chance it was ectopic. I had no symptoms of ectopic pregnancy which can include any of the following
  • vaginal bleeding which looks dark and watery,
  • pain on one side of your abdomen which can be persistent and severe,
  • sudden severe pain spreading across your abdomen,
  • shoulder tip pain,
  • fainting, increased pulse rate, sickness and paleness,
  • dizziness,
  • diarrhoea and pain when going to the toilet

I was shocked to say the least when the doctor told me this she explained there were 3 options, we take more bloods and if the hcg level had dropped and continued to do so we just keep monitoring as my body had figured out what was happening and was dealing with it, if the levels went up I would need to be treated with a drug called Methotrexate which disrupts cell growth this course of treatment means staying away from folate rich foods and not trying to conceive again for 2 full cycles or 3 months which ever comes first this it to give plenty of time for your body to get it out of it’s system. With Methotrexate there are quite a few side effects ranging from nausea, fatigue , diarrhoea, pain and in some cases dizzyness and fainting and since some of these side effects can be the same as a ruptured ectopic you must be very vigilant and if in doubt seek advice a doctor would rather you call them 10 times and all be well than you dont want to bother them and you are rushed into emergency surgery. The third method of treating an ectopic pregnancy is with surgery this does not always involve removing a Fallopian tube but that can quite often  be the case.

I again had repeat bloods taken on the 04/04/15 and the hcg level had risen I was told I needed to go back to the hospital on the 07/04/15 for more bloods and to be re-scanned to check my suitability for Methotrexate, it is only given if your condition fits within certain limits which can change depending on the area you live (crazy I know). During the re-scan I was told she could not find a pregnancy but it looked like I had a collapsing cyst in my right tube tho since she could not be 100% certain I was to be treated as ectopic but I was described as “pregnancy of unknown location”. I was sat down by an unsympathetic doctor and told “you have the injection your body gets rid of it or you have surgery and we do”.

Now for anyone reading this because you are going through the same thing I am very sorry for your loss because that is what it is, it is not just a medical procedure your not just having your tonsils out you are gong through the loss of a child just the same as anyone unfortunate enough to suffer a miscarriage it is O.K to feel sad and confused and angry do not let anyone try to tell you not to be upset. If you are supporting someone going through this please do keep in mind we have all the hormones, emotions  and mood swings of a pregnant lady and we have just been told we have to have medical treatment to remove the baby from our body whether it be an injection or surgery they are both emotionally traumatic we need support love and understanding it is scary and upsetting.

I had the Methotrexate injection it stung a bit as it has to be given into a muscle mass and the one they tend to go for is your bottom. I was fine until a few hours later when the pain started at first like period pains then increasing to more like being in labour. It hurt to go for a wee I could not sit up for more than 10 minutes I felt dizzy and sick hot and cold sweats shaky and it hurt so much to move I was nearly in tears every time I had to. I am not telling you this to scare you as it is not as bad for everyone but I wish i had had more information about what to expect. This lasted for around 4 days then little bit buy little bit the pains lessened. After methotrexate you have repeat bloods on day 4 and day 7 they expect a rise in hcg on day for but there needs to be a 15% drop between day 4 and 7 I was lucky and had a 30% drop on day 4 and then another 19% on day 7. If the levels go up as long as you are still well and still fit within the limits a second dose of methotrexate can be given with blood work repeated on day 4 and 7 if your levels continue to rise surgery might be the only way to go but your doctor will discuss that with you. If your hcg levels go down then you will have weekly bloods taken until your hcg levels fall to 25 (again this number may change depending on where you live). I had more bloods taken 21/04/15 and was again lucky and dropped from just over 1300 to just over 400 so about a 70% drop. I am drinking lots of green tea to try to help the numbers drop and to help cleanse my system from the methotrexate, I still have tiredness most days and cant quite get as much done as I normally would be doing but you have to listen to your body and not push it too hard too soon.

I hope that this helps someone even if it is only to gain more understanding whether your going through it, supporting someone or just want to gain information.


long time no blog

Oh dear I have not been good at keeping up with this blog have I (feel free to tell me off lol). I haven’t meant to neglect my blog but with one thing or another including 6 mile school runs I have just been so tired. We also had a very trying family time my younger brother passed away just over a month ago and as you can imagine it hit us pretty hard and it affected my creativity somewhat. It has been hard but I am slowly getting back to some kind of normality now and back to my crochet. I have made a few baby blankets and I’m now working on a skull shawl. It is turning out quite nicely and it makes a change for me using fine yarn and a smaller hook. Here are a couple of pics of my latest blankets ImageImage

I am still waiting for my first sale but hopefully it will happen soon. I have both an etsy shop and a facebook fan page and I am up to 88 fans now so proud of that but please feel free to add to it and pass on the word and work of rainbowgoat. Hope your all well 🙂 x

Brave little me!!!

Hello all been a busy one as usual.For the past 2 weeks I have been playing mummy to both the kids and 3 other adults. Since the other grown ups have been working I have been doing all the household jobs. It hasn’t stopped my crafting tho and as the title of this blog suggests I have been brave, well brave for me anyway lol. I have finally set up botha facebook fan page Rainbowgoat crafts  ( and an etsy shop of the same name (not fully stocked yet but slowly starting out). It has taken me a lot of balls(metaphorical of course) to do this as I really never thought of my stuff as desirable to other people but after much persuasion and nagging from friends and family I thought “ok I will give it a go whats the worst that could happen”. So now I have been crocheting up a storm, well maybe a rain shower, in under a week I made 2 baby blankets both using patterns I have never tried before and new edgings also. Image


I have now started on a new bag that I’m making up as I go it might not turn out but hey it’s something to do while I wait for my new yarn order to come. I have just ordered 19 new balls of stylecraft yarn 2 in merry go round rainbow and 17 of the special DK I can not wait to get my hands on it and start creating some new items.If you have time to have a pop over to my fan page I would really appreciate it  🙂 x


Oh my gosh I am getting so bad at this blogging lark I should be punished! Well the other half got a new job and we got little dude into a school. I now walk a minimum of 6 miles a day just to get him to and from school. I have hardly had any energy to do any creative stuff which is driving me mad so I shall be forcing myself to get back to normal crafty self. I bought a new black cardigan which i plan on making a crochet collar and maybe some pockets for and I had a couple of goes at painting on shoes. One pair are a friends old shoes that she asked if i could turn into camper vans Image

I think they worked out ok . The other pair I had wanted for myself but they are too big for me 😦 so now they need to find a new home with someone that has bigger feet than me. Image

Now to try to get back to my normal crafty self then all will be well 😀 xx

Feeling grim :-(

Don’t sit too close to the screen as you read this 3 of the adults and one of the kids in the house have the lurgy…….again. I am trying not to cough or sneeze in the direction of the computer so I shouldn’t pass any germs on to you all well hopefully not any way. Not much has been happening round these parts, some snow, lots of cold, a family party and my son turning into a complete monster. I haven’t done any crochet since I finished the wand but I have been doing some drawing. Ideas are coming slow but steady and working on each picture is taking time so I can tweak them into something I am happy with but I am getting there. I am hoping to possibly use them on cards perhaps who knows I guess the main thing is I am enjoying drawing. Image

This one was drawn in my brown sketch book and coloured in a mix of pastel pencils and pencil crayon. I liked it so I decided to draw it on bristol board and colour it with copic markers. Image

Also I have been nominated for a  Liebster Award so as soon as I am feeling a little more like a human I will get onto figuring out how to accept the nomination 🙂 xx

I’m back did ya miss me :-)

Firstly sorry for being away so long moving house is a lot harder than I thought. I figured it would be get some stuff put it in boxes get other stuff and chuck it out (yeah I realize now how silly it sounds). After throwing out no less than about 40 bin bags of stuff I decided no longer needed and packing up the stuff we needed to be stored, moving day finally arrived and I still felt no where near ready. Various stuff was pilled into the van and a friends car we set off. I would like to say that was it all moved out but oh no it wasn’t we went back the following day and moved more stuff and then for the next 2 weekends also. It was a modest sized 2 bedroomed house and the stuff from it is not only with us in my mother-in-laws but also in my partners step-fathers house and also in my Mum’s. I do not know how it all fit into the old place or how it will fit into our new place when we have one but somehow we will manage it lol. We have settled in well here the little dude finally started at his new school on Tuesday thanks to being messed around by education authorities but he seems to like it so the fact that I walk 6 miles a day to get him there and back really doesn’t matter to me.

As for crochet I have had chance to do a couple of bits I made a rainbow cushion cover with my sugar and cream yarn. Image

It is really comfortable to snuggle up with and the colours make me smile, I got the idea for the colour changes from Attic24. I loved the way it worked on one of the ripple blankets and I really like the way it has worked on my cushion too.

The other project I have done is one I have been wanting to do for ages. My little princess has found a love for being a witch and casting spells so it only seemed right that Mummy should make her a wand. I used an un-sharpened pencil and covered it with a crochet tube of sock yarn then made a big pink stuffed star, stitched that on securely then added ribbons and buttons and sat back while we we’re turned into frogs,cats,pigs,lions,bears,horses and mice lol It is safe to say she likes it as I got huge hugs and kisses and repeated “oh thank you Mummy”. Image


Any way enough of my babbling for now at least. Hopefully it wont be so long till I next have something to post :-)x